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Complete solutions for thermal processing in the food industry

Providing the right machines for thermal treatment is only part of our service. We offer a complete package of services. We ensure that processing your products is worry-free. Providing peace of mind is our motto. Minimising downtime and avoiding high costs.

Production line machines

We focus on heat treatment in all its aspects, as well as alternative disinfection methods involving microbiological reduction.

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TPS Knowledge Base

We provide our customers with a knowledge base containing all relevant information for the operational continuity of thermal processes.

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TPS Project Management

By being involved early in the development and construction of the production line or installation, TPS simplifies the final installation.

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TPS Commissioning Service

With the TPS Commissioning Service, the transition from setting up and connecting the machines to a fully functional.

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TPS On-Site Service

During the startup of the production process, our technicians support you in ensuring optimal performance.

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TPS Service Support

We offer preventive maintenance services to prevent machines and production lines from coming to a halt.

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TPS Consultancy Pilot Plant

Our customers can use our fully equipped industrial-scale test facility. Feasibility and quality of our customers’ products are tested.

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TPS Training Programs

With our comprehensive operator training programmes developed by us, errors are prevented, and machines are operated correctly.

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TPS Quality Consistency

Thanks to the reliability of our solutions, the production quality around the delivered processes remains consistent.

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The machines we offer and how they are manufactured are certified by leading organisations

We collaborate with ISO 9001-certified companies. Most of our autoclaves, processes, and PLC control systems fully comply with CE or 21 CFR Part 11 (FDA) standards. Additionally, our machines are equipped with CE or ASME labels, depending on the country of delivery. We always meet the appropriate certifications and standards.



At TPS, our customers are the driving force of our success. We prioritize your needs, delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations. With a commitment to excellence, we forge lasting partnerships to ensure your satisfaction.




The new way to look at pasteurization and sterilization of food

In a world where food patterns are constantly changing, the main factor, ensuring food safety remains a primary requirement. To achieve microbiologically safe products, we employ various technologies and solutions to meet the highest standards of food safety. At Thermal Process Systems, we have a long history of experience in this field.

Creating an adequate solution for your company

Our goal:

To be the best in thermal food processing

The market is constantly evolving and requires specific, intelligent solutions. These solutions are essential to ensure food safety and optimise production processes. Our goal is to be the best and consistently maintain our status as industry leaders in this ever-evolving field of work. We work on this daily by following market developments, listening to our customers, and responding accordingly to ensure innovation. We are fully committed to serving our customers, and our involvement begins with helping you choose the right technology. We ensure this technology is efficiently integrated into the production process and prioritise long-term support. Additionally, we provide on-site support during startup and production. All of this enables us to fully understand this business and these production situations and allows us to act quickly when problems arise, resulting in our industry’s lowest operational costs and downtime.

  • Lowest energy costs
  • Full-service support
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Consistent quality
  • A reliable production process

Frequently Asked Questions

TPS actively monitors market changes, listens to customers, and innovates to ensure cutting-edge solutions for evolving food safety and production needs.

TPS is dedicated to efficiently integrating technology into production processes and prioritizing long-term support, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

TPS’s daily commitment to understanding business and production situations allows quick problem-solving, resulting in the industry’s lowest operational costs and downtime.

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Stay tuned for the latest updates and milestones as we unveil innovations, industry insights, and the continued commitment to excellence in our news section.

TPS provides innovative product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.


We are delighted to share our experience with our customers

To gather knowledge, we have our own innovation hub where we test the latest possibilities to achieve effective pasteurization or sterilization while considering taste, quality, and minimizing energy and water consumption. We are happy to share our knowledge with you to create the best solution in thermal processing.

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