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Over 30 years of specialisation

TPS has over 30 years of specialisation in pasteurisation, sterilisation, cooking, and cooling. We specialise in thermal and disinfection processes in the food industry and have extensive and specific knowledge of safe food processing. This allows us to prevent errors that could lead to critical food safety situations. Thermal or preservation procedures are essential in food processing. Our focus is managing the sterilisation, pasteurisation, and cooling of food products from start to finish. Our experience ensures that the integration of all necessary processes runs flawlessly and thermal unit operations perform optimally within the overall production process.

  • Industry-Customized Solutions
  • Versatile Expertise
  • Market-centric Innovation

Creating an adequate solution for your company

Complete support from project development to operational assistance

In the initial engineering phase of food processing, we contribute to developing tailored solutions. This facilitates the seamless integration of thermal processes throughout the entire processing workflow. We provide support in choosing the right technology, process parameters, utilities, and 3D renderings, as well as installing and commissioning the system, including post-commissioning support, if desired. Additionally, we offer comprehensive maintenance and services, and provide spare parts and training programmes to optimise the use of the production line. We are available 24/7 for our customers to ensure production continuity.

Familiar with specific requirements for different products and packaging

We offer customised solutions for various types of packaging.Whether solid or liquid food, everything requires its own thermal processing. We work with food products in cans, glass, aluminium containers, flexible packaging, doypacks, PP, PE, or PVC bags, hard plastic bottles, or innovative materials. We have a deep under- standing of these processes, guaranteeing optimal handling with a focus on food safety and cost-efficiency.

Optimal operational ease is what matters

All our solutions are developed with ease of use in mind. We offer energy-efficient, water-saving, and highly automated solutions with clear instruction manuals as needed.

Consistency in production quality your company


We are delighted to share our experience with our customers

To gather knowledge, we have our own innovation hub where we test the latest possibilities to achieve effective pasteurization or sterilization while considering taste, quality, and minimizing energy and water consumption. We are happy to share our knowledge with you to create the best solution in thermal processing.

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