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Every industry and production process in the food processing industry has specific characteristics where our steam/air autoclaves or other solutions are highly applicable. We operate in various sectors, including vegetables and fruits, potatoes, rice, meat, meat replacements, soups and sauces, coffee beverages, and pet food. Our expertise covers a wide range of processed products.

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Potatoes and Vegetables

We have very specific applications for pasteurised and sterilised products for the potato industry. This also applies to a wide range of vegetable and fruit products. Regardless of the processing method, from canned to vacuum-packed, pre-cooked, and sous-vide, we always focus on optimal food safety and extended shelf life.

Soups and Sauces

Soups and sauces generally undergo a thermal process. We provide a solution, whether inline pasteurisation, more flexible sterilisation or pasteurisation in an
autoclave. Specifically for these products, we can also supply rotating autoclaves that achieve higher quality in less time through rotation. For soups and sauces, we also offer solutions for various types of packaging, from liquid soup in a bag to high-viscosity sauce in a glass jar.

Rice, Baby Food, and Ready Meals

We have specific offerings for these products, such as rotating autoclaves for microwave rice bags to pre-cooked rice, rice bowls, or rice as an ingredient for baby food or ready meals. Baby food is a product with very high-quality requirements. That’s why we offer smart solutions for automated glass, containers, or sprout pouch processing, ensuring utmost safety.

Coffee Beverages and Sweetened Milk

We offer sterilisation solutions for special beverages such as coffee drinks or sweetened milk. For this in-container processing, we provide highly automated rotating sterilisation solutions. This is suitable for products in aluminium cans and glass bottles, as well as in sprout pouches. Thanks to rotation during the process, there is optimal mixing of the products, preventing the separation of components and unwanted caramelisation. The application is assessed based on the specific product.

Proteins: Meat, Fish, Poultry, Meat Alternatives

For the meat, fish, and poultry sectors, we supply autoclaves/retorts for both products packaged in cans and vacuum-sealed products processed using sous-vide technology. We also offer cooking solutions for sausages, hot dog sterilisation, slow-cooked meat, and pasteurisation of meat replacements. With all these applications, we can handle a wide range of protein-based foods properly and ensure long-lasting and consistent quality standards.

Pet Food

Our machines and solutions offer an optimal and energy-efficient production process in the pet food sector. Our solutions are highly effective thanks to the short processing time we achieve during sterilisation. Our autoclaves are suitable for cans, pouches, and aluminium packaging, and we can sterilise all products, from chunks-in-gravy to pâté and pet treats.

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To gather knowledge, we have our own innovation hub where we test the latest possibilities to achieve effective pasteurization or sterilization while considering taste, quality, and minimizing energy and water consumption. We are happy to share our knowledge with you to create the best solution in thermal processing.

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